Ey up, Welcome

Hi, I’m Tracey

I don’t want to waste your time – Aint no one got time for that shit – so I thought I’d tell you a little about myself before you start browsing my site or subscribing. 

Firstly, I’m not perfect! – So, if you are seeking perfection, you are on the wrong site

I value transparency, I am a seeker of my own truth – I aint got no time for any shady bullshit

I am proud of my working-class roots – so your social status does not impress me

I believe everyone’s addiction/recovery journey is unique – What I share here is what I learned about myself and observations of my addictive behaviour.

 I’m still not convinced that addiction is a disease – but I’m open to being proved wrong and respect any differing views and opinions around the subject of addiction.

After being on the sharp end of my father’s alcoholism, I have a newfound respect for the often-forgotten victims of addiction, their families and loved ones – If this is you, then you have my 100% respect.

I am passionate about recovery and a recovery champion– but I also recognise and accept that recovery isn’t for everyone.

I love to write but I am more interested is what’s been written opposed to how it’s been written – so if you are part of the grammar police you might want to leave now

 I don’t write to make money – so you will never see any irrelevant marketing ads or request for money, (although there will be the option to purchase my book) when I get round to finishing it

If you are still reading then here is a little more about me

Pregnant at 16, I had to grow up fast. I found comfort in drugs in my 20’s and after a spell in a mental institution my real life journey started. I quickly learned that my drugs use was just a poor solution to some deeper issues.

I write about a variety of different subjects, including life in general, my own Addiction with illicit drugs and the impact my dad’s Alcoholism had on me and our relationship and the grey areas in between. My blogs/post have no hidden agendas except my desire to speak my own truth based on my own lived experience. I am currently working on a book which describes two stories of addiction with very different endings.

I would describe my writing style as being authentic and defiantly unapologetic. I don’t write for financial reward or gain, I just love to write. So if ya fancy getting the occasional email with the most up to date blogs from yours truly, please feel free to subscribe at the bottom of this site