Self doubt 

Whilst everyone admires her spirit is she doubts her own

Whilst everyone loves her, she doesn’t love herself

Always running away

It doesn’t matter how far you go, but guess what?

Your thoughts and feelings will always follow

I’ve done the same myself 

Put on a brave face

Fuck em! I say “i’ll show em all”

Bury my head in sand, take a line

“Everything will be fine”

Fuck it “I don’t care!”

The problem with this is 

That you do care more than you know 

And that’s plane to see

Running around trying to please 

Feels nice in the short term 

But is hard to constantly try to achieve 

You are not a failure? 

You haven’t failed?

You just forgotten to listen to yourself 

Take some time out for you

Carry on what your doing

Believing and achieving in work

But save some time for you

You are not alone 

If you need to talk I’m always on the end of a phone 

Please don’t lose faith in you

I have never doubted you

Life is like a roller coaster 

It has its high’s and lows 

Deal with the lows 

And embrace the highs 

You cannot escape it

Its just part of life

Your not the only person who questions themselves 

Others will put on a brave face

But they are no different 

Strutting around without a care in the world

Walking around deluded 

But they are no different 

You see injustice 

All around 

But the only injustice I see 

Is you walking around with a frown 

Its all bullshit 

Trust me 

You will be ok

You cannot escape it

“fuck it” get pissed 

Drown my sorrows 

Only works for a short time 

Buy something new 

Feels good

But is it really helping YOU

Stop looking outside yourself for answers

They are there already 

Inside you

Listen to them

Face your fears

You have overcome much worse

Trust me when I say

I see you in me

Thats why I know you will be ok