Taking a risk

Taking risks 

You say your not a risk taker 

But you take a risk every day

Fear of the unknown 

Wishing you could hibernate and stay at home

Decisions, decisions which one to make?

Knowing full well, either one could be a mistake 

Making decisions  to find you were wrong 

But mistakes are life’s lessons they make you strong

Learning new lessons, when you have learned enough 

“Stop the fucking world I wanna get off”

“I want someone to guide me, tell me what to do”

That way if I’m wrong I can lay the blame on you!

Which direction to take?

Knowing whichever decision it’s “yours” to make 

A mind full questions but the answers don’t come

Why can’t life be simple “fuck it I’m done!”

In life is inevitable 

There are no guarantees 

Time never stops 

So use some of what you have got to take stock 

So be bold be brave

Take a step back

You are doing your best 

No need to compete with the rest


That’s part of the deal

Take one day at a time 

Cos time is a commodity there is no more to  steal



Love Fordy x

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