The opposite of Addiction is Connection

Recently I was accused of “not having a life because I was too busy writing about it” the fact that I am writing about this now, over a week later bares testament to how much this comment has played on my mind.

On the one hand, I want to say “well at least I am doing something I enjoy and actually get a lot out of it, I am happy so I don’t care what you think” but on the other hand I also want to say or even scream “Yes but there is more to life than chasing, pursuing trying to meet, or fit onto societies narrative too”. for example how the fuck does someone think, feel, believe that they are less of a person or that they have somehow failed, just because they don’t own their own house OR because they don’t have the cash to do what EVER they would like or desire to do? OR because they don’t like the way they look?

My writing is for me is much more than offloading or escaping the shit that sometimes consumes my brain, my life, and talking “bollocks” It has much more to do with embracing the shit parts, accepting, connecting, re-connecting with me. My work isn’t about the pursuit of being promoted, being acknowledged or recognised (I don’t need any organization to do that for me), my work, why I do what I do, is all about making connections, reaching out to people who have found themselves disconnected from society, disconnected from friends and family, all because of some poor life choices they may have made yesterday OR years before.

The person who I really am, the person behind my profile pic on social media, the person out there working making a living, the person who is in the fortunate position to be able to travel more than once a year, the person who for who don’t know me, looking in from the outside may look and think “ahh its alright for her she got her life sorted”.


No fucker ever gets their life sorted, there is always and will always be hurdles and shit that is thrown in front of us. But one thing that I also know to be true is that by being able to connect with myself and be in the fortunate position to be able to reach out and connect with people who get me is PRICELESS.

Right, enough of this writing bullshit…. Love Fordy

4 thoughts on “The opposite of Addiction is Connection

  1. Nice one Fordy, we reach out because we’ve been there and dont want others to go down to the dark places we have, or if they are there give them the support they need to get them out.

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