Dealing with change and learning to accept it

Change is always inevitable, like it or not shit is going to happen in life that can leave you feeling pissed off, down hearted and low.  This ultimately can influence and flip any positive thoughts, we may have into having negative and defeatist thoughts in a nano second

I have always questioned, I have always been inquisitive, but I mainly questioned stuff on the outside for example  “Why are some people twats? Why didn’t something go my way? Why didn’t I get the outcome I wanted? Why? Why? Why? Why? And all the what ifs?” Fuck me I come to realise that I have spent far to much time and energy of the last 48 years asking the same old fucking questions?  Rather than learning to accept that sometimes you may never get the answers you are desperate for?

We are complex being us humans, we are all each unique and our beliefs and values have all been shaped by our own personal experiences and life journeys. I see a lot of people who never challenge their own belief and values, and yet many of their beliefs and values are unfounded, old, stale, no longer serving a purpose but yet they still carry them around like an old friend. 

Our experiences from the past cannot ever be changed but how you see and view those experiences can. Making the time to self reflect, #Haveawordwitheesen, to recharge your own batteries, to explore, question or even challenges some of your own limiting assumptions and values in the longer term will help free you of the constant self doubt and help you come to terms with the fact that you will never get some all of your questions answered. 

Whilst having a relationships with loved ones is important learning to have a relationship with yourself is more important. Relationships with others come and go, but you will always be present, you don’t go away apart from the times when you might get off your nut, pissed to forget who you are, but the reality is that as soon as you sober up, your there again, present, with the same uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

There are those who are afraid to check themselves out or unwilling to question themselves, the ones who will never accept that they might be wrong, but this doesn’t mean they are right? And it doesn’t mean you have to be one of those people neither! 

Learning to accept and understand that I have my own faults, I will never be perfect, that I cannot control everything, that I may not always get the outcome I desire helps frees me from all those limiting assumptions that in the past has left me feeling low, depressed, down hearted when the reality is #shithappens but whats more important is to recognise how you deal with ya shit! 

We all have choices in life you can allow shit situations, circumstance shape you as a person OR you can accept #shit things happen and learn to live with it?

The End

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