Understanding Trauma – learning to understand me

I was fortunate enough to have gotten a place on some training called “Trauma-Informed Care” I attended the one day course this week and quite frankly I could do more training on it. When I thought about the word trauma, I would always associate it with something bad, like abuse, rape or neglect something I personally haven’t experienced, but with the client group I work with I was keen to learn more, little did i realise that from that one day training I would come to learn more about myself.

Definition of trauma

‘Trauma results from an event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or threatening and that it has lasting long term effects on the individual’s functioning and physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being

(SAMHSA, 2012)

In fact what I learned from the training was that there are different degrees of trauma and that you didn’t have to have been raped, attacked or neglected, there are many other subtle forms of trauma that can build over time from childhood that can affect, shape how you perceive your own world and how you react to certain situations in later on in life.

We covered (not in enough detail though, hence my desire to learn more) different theories, attachment, insecure attachment, adverse childhood experiences, how this can affect the brain, how this affects and impacts on our levels of tolerance and resilience, something I have spoken about in previous posts we all get stretched emotionally and have even snapped at some point in our lives. The fact is that some people are more flexible and adaptable to change in certain circumstances than others (and that’s not a negative neither) that not all of us are the same, take two people and one experience they will both respond and react differently and that’s OK!

Attending the training served to affirm my existing belief that we are all unique, never one the same, whilst there will always be similarities, some stronger than other’s we are ALL uniquely our own person and whilst we all need a shoulder to rely on, some guidance from others who may have walked on the same path as us, we all wear our own shoes and you and I have to work out our own shit for ourselves – whether we like it or not.

Some people don’t like this statement “We are responsible for our own feelings and emotions”, it is so easy to blame someone else, but in order to take responsibility, we have to learn to firstly understand why and how we tend to deal with certain situations in our lives and ask ourselves and explore the why’s?

Why did I turn to drugs?

hy did I depend on unhealthy relationships?

Why did I act up as a kid?

Why do I doubt myself?

Why do i have a tendancy to procrastinate?

Until we understand the why’s, can we then start to accept and come to terms with who we have become and start working on who we want to be?

Right that’s enough refelction for one day 🙂

Love Fordy

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