Ready, steady, go, go go

 Recovery and me
 Every day
 Every second, minute, hour
 Never quite sure what life has in store today
 Never sure what shit may be thrown our way

 Our past’s act as our guide
 We have learned when we need to either stand up or hide
 Our thoughts our memories take a hold 
 Playing a toying with us 
 Sometimes losing control 

 We are all creatures of habit 
 But habits can be changed 
 Exploring the old beliefs and values 
 The same that bind us 
 The same that keep us in chains 

 Our past has brought us here
 Every memory… 
 Every thought…
 Every fear… 

 But what if we were wrong? Imagine that?
 What if we could be the person we truly aspire to be? 
 To have the courage to stand tall
 Let go of the shame 
 Have the courage to start over again?

 Be brave be bold
 Don’t let those old thoughts and feelings take a hold 
 Take a risk
 Try something new 
 Chip away at those chains 
 To find the real you

 We all have choices 
 What will be yours?
 You can stay the same 
 You can make the most of what you have got
 But remember, be warned 
 You only get one shot 

 But we are all winners
 There’s no second or third place
 So get in position and get ready to race

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