Dont ​let the bastards grind you down

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I have been shying away as much as I can from the news of late, but it’s hard to escape, where ever you go, you see it, the person sat begging, the person stood waiting around the corner, waiting for them to earn enough to score! I’ve watched the debates and part of me dies, I despair, I despise the rooms full of people making decisions that affect our lives. I can watch no more, a room full of egos, each trying and vying for public applause. “I’m right!” No “your wrong” I can no longer relate to those who debate, those are supposed to have our best interest at heart!

When it It feels like they are tearing this country apart. 

A nation divided, angry and broken, Its everywhere, I see it every day,  and its bleak, on the streets, in our communities, all over on social media and on every fucking tweet!

I have switched off, I no longer care, just make up your fucking minds and show us you really care. You were voted in to represent us, the working class, the under class, those without a voice, single parents, broken families to the teenager on the street, who carries a weapon, to protect him from being beat! It feels like the hunger games, the lack of trust, lack of transparency, people literally fighting for survival! Begging on the streets going to food banks just so they can eat, is it’s no wonder people drown their sorrows in drink and they feel defeat!

So fuck you, you twats, you don’t speak my language, you don’t represent me, so I’ll go back to what I know, working alongside the unsung heroes, those in the know. You sit in your chambers and continue to spout, I am proud, I am alive, and stand with the many still trying to survive, I live it, I feel it, I see it every day, people out there making a difference, with no pats on the back, doing it because its right, because life is cruel, because life is unfair, but because it’s the right thing to do!

I still have my own voice, you won’t shut me up, speaking up for the underdog, for those who feel silenced, who lost their cause,  lost their way or have been led astray, by the illusion that life should be perfect, trust me  perfection it doesn’t exist, but you still have a voice and we all have still have a choice! Life can be shit! That much is true, I still count and so do you! 

Please don’t despair, people really still do care, switch off the news and take a look around, talk to neighbours, talk to friend’s, talk to a stranger on the street, we all have our own problems but will not be defeat. It’s not over yet, we still have our community spirit, the flame is alive and we will continue to strive, the best we can, it might not be the best, but we have each others back so go fuck the rest! 

Take a deep breath, and step outside your door, don’t let the bastards grind you down, step outside and see what life has in store!  

And on that note, I feel a lot better now I got that off me chest, have a good day, whatever you are doing 

Love Fordy x

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