Overcoming Emotional Phobia

Our society is increasingly becoming emotionally phobic – everyone is running around trying to escape their uncomfortable internal feelings, trying to pretend to the outside world that everything is ok, when in fact we are not ok! Using drugs to mask the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, acting out, behaving in such ways that will change how we feel about ourselves. But this is only a temporary fix. 

Feeling unable to say how we truly feel out of fear of rejection or shame, only serves to enslave us with our own uncomfortable emotions. We run around like fucking headless chickens trying to measure our self-worth based on praise or disappointment from others, acting out accordingly rather than seeking if from ourselves. I have talked previously about getting the balance right is balancing act in itself, now I am not saying that finding the balance is easy I would go as far to say, it hasn’t, it isn’t and will probably continue to become hard at times. 

But then there are the highs, I find that in my moments of clarity, is when I realise and accept that, our feelings, including the lows, self-doubt are a perfectly normal part of being human and that’s ok! Sharing our vulnerability openly and honestly is a courageous trait to have, but to feel courageous we must be prepared to feel fear and those feelings that have been wrapped in a bubble of our perceived perfection. 

For me, writing, talking to others and listening to myself helps me to better understand and sit with those uncomfortable and painful emotions, emotions that have been developing for years, emotions that have been reinforced by societies expectations and my own, so to expect these emotions to change overnight, just because I am aware of them, is a big ask or anyone, including ourselves. 

So if you are having a sad moment, a bad day, tell yourself “it is ok” this is just part of figuring yourself out and I will get through this and YOU WILL

And to prove this point, you only have to look back at all you have already been through emotionally and physically, to know that if you are reading this, you are already a survivor. 

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