A Rhyme about CHIME

It’s the run-up to recovery month this September. And in the background, the Sheffield Recovery Forum is on a mission to acquire Inclusive recovery city status in 2024. There have been lots of conversations about recovery capital and something called CHIME. So, during my breaks, I came up with this recovery poem based on the chime principles – I hope you like it.

A Rhyme About CHIME

For years I was a rebel in a land of conformity, a misfit in a world of normality.

I felt like a black sheep in a flock of white and always felt like the odd one out.

I was desperate to CONNECT with like-minded souls who shared the same values and goals.

But failed

It was during my darkest moments, feeling lost and alone, that I decided that it was time to change direction and venture into the unknown.

Due to a combination of fate, luck, and a sprinkling of sheer determination, I came to the realisation that I wasn’t alone.

That there were others like me, trying to be a better version of the person they used to be

They would remind me that I wasn’t a hopeless mess and that, in fact, I was blessed.

I heard about something called ego and realised mine had become like an out-of-control torpedo.

Ready to self-destruct at any time

Over time learned to drown out the negative voices and started to make better lifestyle choices

I started listening to the subtle whispers in my ear
The same ones that kept on encouraging me to persevere

And as I learned new ways to cope, I discovered something called HOPE
It was the spark that ignited the fire in my heart

I realised that Hope isn’t just a gift we receive

It needs to be shared with others to help them to believe
and to also achieve

In time hope helped restore my faith and told me never to give up
And reminded me frequently that I am good enough

After working on my authenticity, I discovered my true IDENTITY

The person I am when no one else is watching
And what I say and do when no one else is listening

And after years of living a life without MEANING
I finally found something to believe in

Which was ME

I am no longer ashamed of the person I became, I am still working on letting go of the past shame

I now realise that had it not been for all the dark moments

I would have never found the determination to fight and to finally see the light.

And after years of feeling like a coward

I now finally feel EMPOWERED


Remember #Shithappens- It’s how you deal with the shit that counts #Haveawordwitheesen


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Love Fordy

AKA Unapologeticwriter

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