Surrounded By FUCKWITS

We are surrounded by Fuckwits

Morning guys, I had a lovely catch-up with my bestie, Shauna last night, it’s not often we get together, but when we do it’s not like we have never been apart. It’s not long before we are talking about what’s going off around us, trying to understand life, what we want, what we don’t want or what’s recently pissed us off etc..

She gets me and I get her. We both accept that we both can be neurotic, and irrational, the beauty about our friendship is we are both able to tell each other frankly “I think you’re overreacting, or I think you’re being too hard on yourself” but we also share the good times too, and trust me we have had loads.

If you have a mate like this, you are extremely lucky, you might have many friends, but friends who accept you, regardless of your flaws (all of the above), if you have a mate who gets you, but haven’t spoken to them for a while, get in touch, touch base, see how they are doing, listen to what THEY have to say, NOT what you want to say and nuture that relationship. Even if they can be FUCKWITS at times, tell them they are being a Fuckwit. 

Last night our conversation turned to FUCKWITS  

There are loads of definitions of what a fuckwit is, but I like the Urban Dictionaries definition  ‘a person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.’

I bet you can think of a few fuckwits?  some make you angry, some make you laugh and some quite frankly will make you despair.

You might work with a Fuckwit?, or you might have a loved one who’s a Fuckwit? a family member who is a Fuckwit? . So now we have ascertained we are surrounded by Fuckwits,  how do we deal with all these Fuckwits?

You can distance yourself from a fuckwit, but I will guarantee another Fuckwit will pop up again, you can feel like you are constantly “bashing the toad”

Its quite simply a FACT OF LIFE  “We are surrounded by Fuckwits” 

Do you know, the sad thing is, the Fuckwits are so unaware that they don’t even know they are Fuckwits.

Fuckwits can only stop being Fuckwits if they are willing and open to accepting some clues,  so if you have tried to offer some clues and they haven’t picked up on them, then YOU ARE FUCKED.

So next time whilst you running around pulling your hair out trying to deal with a Fuckwit, ask yourself this “what’s worse?”

Being a Fuckwit?


Being the idiot, running around, pulling your hair out, feeling frustrated, feeling angry, feeling upset, feeling hurt all because of a Fuckwit? who doesn’t even know they are a Fuckwit?

Think about it, how much longer are YOU going to let a Fuckwit affect your life?

Reet folks on that note, I’m off to work, to deal with (some, not all) Fuckwits


Love Tracey

Ps, please feel free to share your thoughts on Fuckwits

7 thoughts on “Surrounded By FUCKWITS

  1. Feminists are the ultimate fun killing fuckwits.

    I mean, why be truly independent, when you can just say it then blame all your poor judgement and failures on men?

    I mean it’s what men are for. Taking life’s shit so us clever bitches can do whatever.

    God I love being female.

  2. I’d rather dealio with it in a silent way and walk straight past dem I don’t know u I got plenty clown in my cir cus 💯

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