Planning a new trip?

Im my introduction to this page I talked about, being 48 years old and didn’t want to get to 50 and look back and think ‘You still haven’t written that book’ or not done the things ‘I had been meaning or wanting to do’ but never got around to doing it. I don’t like the feeling of self disappointment, in fact I hate it!

To be fair, I don’t know anyone! ” who likes the feeling of letting themselves down?” No one The reality is I am not getting younger, I’m not sure what I will think and feel like when I’m 50, but who EVER does?  How can self predict what they will look like?, feel like? The simple answer is I cant?

Life is full of uncertainties – Its like driving a car to a new destination, some people will feel more confident about the journey and final destination, more than others.

In preparation for the journey some people will:

  • Need to learn to drive – who can help you with this?
  • Not even attempt the journey – they just think about it
  • Risk it – and just make it up as they go a long and hope they get there
  • Already have an idea/understanding of the the route/direction they are heading
  • Need a map, plan the route in advance or use if get lost, or take a wrong turn
  • Rely on a ‘sat nav, a gadget’ to tell them which way to go-WARNING these gadgets can let you down

Thats all well and good, everyone is different, so they will prepare for their own journey, with what they are comfortable with or if it feels safer to stay put, they will stay put and won’t go anywhere.

If the Journey went well – the majority of people (if they needed or wanted to revisit) will attempt the journey again and are more likely to return OR go even further.

If the journey went bad – Lets say ‘you got lost all the time’, or ‘people cut you up and pissed you off,’  or ‘you had a flat tyre and no spare’ or god for bid the car broke down. You could call the AA, get the car fixed and carry on OR you might have not got cover? you say “fuck this I’m going back”

Life can be like planning a journey, you get to chose your destination, how you get there, who you take

The sad  part of this is a lot of people, can allow themselves to

  • Get distracted
  • Keep looking back on where they have just come from, taking their eyes off the road
  • Be afraid of the journey, worry about all the potential hazards that might happen

Today ask yourself

  • Are you fancying a trip? – or are you happy with where you are now? maybe your not ready?
  • Which destination would you like to go to? – is it going to be a quick journey or a long journey 
  • How could you get there? car, bus, train? – What are your options?
  • How will you prepare for the trip? – What do you need to do before you set off?
  • Whose going with you? OR  are you going alone?
  • If you have problems on the way? what could they look like? how could you solve them (for example, a flat tyre, have you got a spare? are you signed up to a recovery service?) 
  • What if you get lost? – what can you do?

At the moment, I am

  • Loving driving my new car, I have been planning this trip for a long time
  • Im not sure of my final destination, but I am hoping I will feel better when I get there
  • Im not sure how long it will take or whether I will need some breaks along the way (after all everyone needs a piss)
  • It might look and feel completely different when I get there, but where ever I go, I want to make the most of the journey.

Have you been planning any trips lately?

What ever you are doing today, make the most of it, stop worry about where you have been, and more importantly stop looking back if your always looking and focusing here you have been,  you won’t be able to focus on where you are going

Love Tracey x




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