I want you to do something for me 

Take a quick look back on your life, lets say go back to being around 16 years old or anytime during your teenage years.  Now try to recall how you perceived the life you wanted for yourself at that time?

  • Was it a career?
  • Was it love?
  • Was it marriage?
  • Was it kids?
  • Was it a house?

Now I want you to take a moment to think about, where you are at now?

Did you get what you want? maybe you did? maybe you didn’t? maybe you had it and lost it?

I’m going to make a mystic meg prediction and suggest that,  ‘Your life to date, didn’t pan out the way you had previously planned it to?’

I will also predict  that ‘your journey from A to B hasn’t been an easy one, Right?

I know I am right – Christ! I think I am fucking psychic !!

My own experience 

To be honest, when I was younger (teenager) I didn’t have a fucking Scooby do what I wanted from life nor was i able to predict how I got to where I am now, I mean, I certainly would never have predicted

  • losing my virginity at 16, and getting pregnant straight after
  • Having my own home at 17, being responsible for a kid
  • Being at home every week end, whilst everyone around me was going out and ‘living life’
  • Getting addicted to speed
  • Caring for my alcoholic dad, was like watching a slow suicide
  • Oh trust me the list goes on, and on and on… there is plenty of CRAP that i had never factored in my life happening, but it did…

I know for a fact i never said “I hope that in the future I go through some real crappy shit, physical and emotional pain”. I mean who the fuck would wish that upon themselves?

Joking aside, because life isn’t a joke, life can be pretty shit, its perfectly normal not to want to feel shit. However, sometimes the shit ball rolls our way and we have no choice in the matter, we didn’t ask for the shit ball,  but we got it. The good news is though, we do have a choice and options on how we deal with the shit ball we can either

  • Accept shit happens, be sad for a while then move on                                                OR
  • Continue to moan about how the shit ball rolled your in your direction and continue to play football with the shit ball

Reality check folks

The reality is that most of the time, we cannot predict or control our future, if we could you would have sailed through life pain free and got everything you wanted, right?

Your experience 

I want you to think of a time in your life that was tough, emotionally, physically, mentally or financially painful = SHIT.  At that time, I can take a pretty good guess and say ‘you felt  at the time like your life was going to feel like SHIT forever?’

Now i’m guessing, you survived it? but at the time you didn’t think you would? but you did! Your a survivor

Remember just because you are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month doesn’t  that mean your going to have a bad life?

Life can be shit, but we DO have options either deal with it, or play football with it

Love Tracey x



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