What am I thinking?


  • Can you sometimes predict what someone is thinking and have been right
  • Can you sometimes predict how someone is feeling and have been right?
  • Can you sometimes predict a scenario that’s going to happen and have been right?
  • Have you ever predicted what someone was thinking, but was wrong?
  • Have you ever predicted how you think someone was feeling and been wrong?
  • Have you ever predicted a scenario that you thought would happen, but been wrong?

If you answered YES to any of the above, well i am sorry to piss on your bonfire, BUT i am….

The reality is,  we simply cannot ever always know, what someone is thinking, feeling or going to do? BUT we can predict what WE

  • Are feeling
  • Are thinking
  • Are planning to do

If we knew all this about everyone else we would all be fucking psychic right!

How can someone predict what someone else may or may not be thinking, feeling or going to do, when half the time the don’t know them fucking selves? Save all that psychic energy and use it on yourself….


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