Introducing Dad, Frank Thomas Ford

HI Guys – let me introduce you to me dad, Frank Thomas Ford, dad is the inspiration for the book i am writing ‘Blood is thicker than alcohol’ below is a poem, I wrote, before dad actually passed away.  It was written one night when i couldn’t sleep, through worry, off loading all my crap and feelings was one of my coping strategies at the time.

We had this printed in the obituary section in the Sheffield Star, (Cos that’s what people did back then, check out the obituary section daily to see who had snuffed it) I’ll tell ya what though, it nearly didn’t make it, after doing the word count the bill was about £250 fucking quid – robbing bar stewards. 

Thank god for social media, now a day’s you can tell every fucker for FREE!

Dad, Drink & Me 

33 but still a child

Both far too young to be contemplating death!

He’s only 54 looking more like 84

I’m 33 and know this subject well

Nether the less I’m still going through hell!

I just want it to end….

But the only options are death OR continue to pretend!

Too young to die and yet too young to care

But Alcohol has brought us both here


We have been here so many times before

And with each time it affects us both a little more

What does it take to make someone see….

That if he chose life over drink he’s got grandkids and ME!


Looks of pity and shame from those who knew him well!

The loss of independence, for a man who always knew what he wanted..

Too a man in his prime, locked inside a body far too old for his time!

So what’s he got now to look forward to?

Apart from regular visits from the hired home help, who have to assist him to the loo


And what about us? Who’ve always been there?

Left to cope with feeling of exhaustion and feelings of despair?

But walking away is impossible to do, because you are our dad and we can’t help but care…


I can truly see the temptation to drink

So I can drown my own sorrows and help stop me to think!

But I have followed your journey and seen where it ends


We all have choices and this one has been yours

And so, despite all the heartache and pain on your part and mine

I guess I’ll just have to console myself again…


Until the next time




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