Fuck me its deep one today – Expectations

Hi Guys

had a great day today, defo on the up and up, i’m actually starting to feel half human again… So watch out

Had a Reiki session today, which was ACE the word for today is expectations, me and my reiki freind Sarah, talked about expectations, our own and others expecations of us. Interestingly, even before she came i’d already been throwing some words out eluding to expectation. Expectations can be good, it can be good to have expectations, they give you something to aspire to, but they can also be dangerous and unhealthy, particularly if your expectations of either yourself or of others, cannot be realistically met.

So todays blog folks is a poem,  YES  you heard me right “A poem by yours truly and its simply called”


I love you

But I am learning to love me more 

It’s took years of not loving myself

It’s going to take a few years to love me more 

I’ve lived a lifetime of self doubt 

I will no doubt spend the rest of my lifetime working it out 

Don’t expect to too much of me and I won’t let you down 

I’m trying to not expect too much of myself in an attempt to dissolve my frown 

In the mean time, please be patient 

I still care loads, more than you know 

Measure love by quality, quantity doesn’t count

Be true to yourself 

You can do no more 

Life without some self loving 

Is “well you know the score!” 

I’m taking time for me 

One day at a time 

Time to reflect

Time to be inspired 

Do me a favour, I don’t ask a-lot

Learn to love yourself 

Turn your frown upside down 

Please don’t expect much and I wont let you down 

Fordy x

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