Society – Do us a favour and xxck off


Sometimes societies expectations on people can and does set them up to fail. then if and when they fail then society will make judgments. Judgments then creates stigma, stigma creates shame, shame prevents people from seeking support, because they don’t feel worthy or they have failed to live up to societies expectations of them. 

Its no wonder some people give up and say “fuck it” 

So i have a few questions ….

  • Who in society sets these expectations?
  • Who decides?
  • whats are  the social norms?

What ever happened to nurturing yourself over societies expectations of who you should be? 

I mean living up to societies expectations is fucking hard graft

Do me a favour today “fuck societies expectations” and take some time out to focus  and really think about 

  • What you have got in your life at this moment
  • Think about all those personal achievements you have made
  • Celebrate all those obstacles you have overcome and “pat yourself on the back” don’t wait for someone else to do it for ya 
  • Think about the quality of friendships you have, focus less on the quantity, but focus on the “quality” 
  • Be thankful you have a roof over your head, it might not be what you want at this time, but be thankful you have got one
  • Be thankful for money you have in your pocket, it might not be a lot, but its better than nothing
  • Don’t take for granted the fact that you are able to currently inhale and exhale, dont take that for granted, because quite frankly one thing i am absoloutly certain of is without that somple function “breathing” none of the above actually matters anyway, does it?

#shithappens – Deal with it

Fuck other peoples expecations of you

And most importantly Love thee sen


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