The power of #Havingawordweyasen

Evening fello weirdos 🙂

Had a good day today, apart from still not feeling 100% had a productive day and met a guy, who has recently set up a new Love Sheffield facebook group. Its not an open group, you must be recommended / invited to the group by a friend,  the key principles of the group is about

  • Reconnecting people
  • Reconnecting local communities
  • Promoting and sharing the good stuff thats happening in sheffield
  • Sharing idea’s

But the overarching mission, ambition, aspiration is to help sheffield become the most vibrant connected cities. The guy who came up with the idea, is a pretty humble bloke, there is no other agenda other than to connect, reconnect and focus more about positivity and asking people to ask themselves “what can they do, to to improve their own lives? how could they be more creative? how could they utilise their own skills and experiances to help others?” and many more.

I love, love love the simple concept, there is no hidden agenda or motive only to encourage people to think for themselves, personally something i think as individuals alot of us have forgotten or a bit out of practice on, hence #haveawordweyasen

Good conversations, listening rather than talking, is actually alot harder than most people think (I know, i’m the worst cuplrit sometimes). I have just gone back to basics and recently started to re-read “time to think” its a book by a lady called Nancy Kline, way back in the day when i first started out i would apply the “Thinking Enviroment” principles when chairing meetings and it worked BRILLIANTLY.  – so i would highly recomend it, there are also some new editions too.

It just reminds me that (whislt some of you might think i’m a werido) that all i am actually doing with this blog is reflecting, giving my time, some time out of my day to just “fucking think” without any interuptions, just having time to process all the shit that i am consciously and suconsciously dealing with on a day to day basis. I’ve always been a deep thinker, its just that i have never really “spoke out loud” or shared my thoughts, like i am doing right now.

Think back to a time where you have had a conversation with someone and you have walked away feeling liberated, you feel like you have been heard someone got to know you, a little bit of the ‘real you’. You got to learn new things about someone, you have found something out about yourself, your perspective on life has slightly shifted, you feel happy, content. 

Over recent months, one of the main things i have started to value is the people around me, not just the people i already know and love, but those who i might not normally take an active interest in, mainly because i’m ‘too fucking busy dealing with my own shit’ . But more importantly i have started to value myself more, and thats harder than it sounds and it takes practice. What i am learning, well i say learning, i learnt this years ago, but have some how lost it, but starting to re-learn

We wont suddenly become all self aware, kind to yourself, happy with yourself, by just giving up one thing in your life that you think isn’t working anymore. 

Finding out who you are may take quite some time – as i am learning

  • Parts of the journey will be liberating, exciting, 
  • others will feel pretty daunting, scary and will take you to a place where you will question “what the fuck is life all about” 
  • Sometimes you will slip into old habits – it feels more comfortable – this doesn’t last though, because sooner or later, you will come back to the same place where you started, and thats thinking “theres got to me more to life than this?” 
  • Looking after you takes commitment, dedication, self discipline
  • But the rewards are worth it 

We can always listen and learn from others, but the best lessons we we learn from are from listening to ourselves! 

Over and out, i’m off to watch shit TV

4 thoughts on “The power of #Havingawordweyasen

  1. I feel emotional self care,is a lifestyle choice ,an area we will always need to prioritise and work on
    Life will always chuck shit at us so we need a good strategy to get through these times

    1. I totally agree pat, peoples lifes, feelings matter more than the “superficial shit” that is shuffed down our throats at every turn, safe journey home lovely and i hope all went well at the hospital x

    1. Thank you Brian, as with love Sheffield, please feel free to share my link with friends you think might benefit or like x

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