Are you a sad fuck

FOMO – fear of missing out 

I start to stir 

Tired and sleepy

Wondering how long if left before the phone starts to ring

Still half asleep, memories of a dream that is drifting away 

The alarm sounds, fuck its time to get up

I reach for me phone, and think fuck it, I’ll snooze

I lay there stirring wondering whats occurring 

I can see the gossip

It lights up the phone

The temptation to look

What have I missed?

Its hard to ignore 

Tempted by the gossip that lay in store 

I give into temptation

I’m still half asleep

Scrolling down the screen

FOMO – fear of missing out 

But its the same old shit

Someone moaning, or gloating 

Someone got pissed the night before 

Reminiscing about their antics the night before 

Pictures of kids, going back to school

People on hols having the time of their lives 

No worries or fears 

Just sun and beers 

Wishing that I could be there too

I start to become more alert

Half an hour has gone 

I look at me phone

Some of my day has already gone

What a wast of time 

I think about me 

What have i got planned

The spell is broken 

Its time to get up

#Haveawordwithee sen

You sad fuck

You only get one life

Don’t waste it 

Your thoughts are precious 

Get obsessed with them

Get back to being to be “true to ya sen”

Who cares what other people are doing 

You only get one life 

Don’t be a sad fuck

You make your own luck

Forget everyone else 

Just focus on you 

Have a fab day 

What ever you have got planned 

Think for yourself 

Instead of taking tips and advice from la la land


4 thoughts on “Are you a sad fuck

    1. hahahaha i have resisted the tempation this morning and feel much better for it, hope you are keeping well T x

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