Were not alone

And i’m not talking about aliens, before you start thinking i have totally lost the fucking plot.

After a great weekend away, i’m back and keen to resume my writing, I have just been writing a slot in the introduction to the book and thought i would share some of it with you guys, also its national recovery month, a time were we are actively encouraging people to speak up and reach out from the fucking shame and stigma addiction can keep us isolated and a prisoner in our own selfs. Here’s my excerpt from the book….

I used to think it was me who thought and felt like I did but I have realised that, I wasn’t alone, from sharing my story times over, about growing up, my relationships, my addiction, dealing with dads addiction. I soon became to realise that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts fears, anxieties, confusion, hurt, sadness and anger.

There is soooo much fear surrounding the word “addiction” and not just for those who are using substances to help dull the pain. Its as painful, if not more painful for a loved one to watch helplessly, from the sidelines without being able to self medicate,  seeing someone they love,  slowly distroy themselves.

There is alot to be said for sharing your story with strangers, you might not think it, but as you listen to other peoples stories you realise you are not alone, they too have felt and experienced similar fears, anxieties, confusion, hurt, sadness, anger, frustration and many more… and when you share with even just one person, two or more,something can and does, start to change

  • Those thoughts and feelings of of isolation can start to lift
  • Those thoughts and feelings of shame will start to dissolve and become easier to live with
  • Those thoughts and feelings of confusion become clearer
  • Those thoughts and feelings of hurt can start to heal and become easier to live with
  • The thoughts and feelings of sadness can become more manageable and become easier to live with
  • The thoughts and feelings of anger are ok and completely normal
  • Those thoughts and feelings of frustration, starts to enable you to see clearer. 

Heres a bit a poetry for thee

Sharing is a slow process, it can be scary

After all you are not used to baring your soul

The journey is different for everyone, each unique

But you always need to remember

Your healing journey starts with surrender

If YOU are feeling isolated

Reach out

You dont have to be alone

There is always someone else in the same boat

In a room or on the other end of a phone 

Sharing is caring 

And you are worth much more 

Start being true to yourself


Fuck everyone else

They have their own Journey

But yours is important too

They might find their way eventually

In the mean time

Start looking after YOU


Reet, i’m off, love Fordy x

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