What can you do?

I was looking through social media and all the reactions to the three incidents over the weekend and it dawned on me that, 90% of these people, who are quite rightly, upset, scared, angry and who want justice are also frustrated that “no body is doing anything about it” “No body care’s” I would question “who these somebodies are?”, some blame the 
  • Police 
  • Council 
  • Parents 
  • Government 
  • Society
I haven’t seen one person, say “ok this is happening, but what can I do?”
Lets face it, shit happens all the time and its getting worse, so what can YOU, what can WE do? We can have our rant on social media, we can stand at the bus stop, talking about the the state of our city, moan and blame everyone else, but is that ‘really’ helping anyone? Really? 
What can you do? Personally, a starting point would be to stop blaming, after all it doesn’t solve anything, blaming others releases us from taking some responsibility for ourselves.
Imagine what would happen if more people stopped blaming and started to try and understand and accept that whilst this society isn’t what it should be, “but what can I do?”
The thing is though, is that we are not living in the past anymore, any advise based on our own personal experiences, is basically useless, because whilst we are still the same and we have survived so far, our communities, society, our cities all over the world isnt the same. Whislt we have ben trying to manage our lives in our bubbles, our communities  are changing around us too. 
I am not the same person I was 10 , 20 years ago
My environment, my community isnt the same as they were 10, 20 years ago neither 
The guy who stabbed someone this weekend, do you know their history, their background? We hear that people carry weapons for safety, now people would say you dont need a weapon, but lets face it, if you feel threatened, its natural that we either go into fight or flight mode. We don’t know the victims or perprators background. Who are we to judge or blame?
I cannot read another post, because all I see is blame statements, I don’t see anyone coming up with solutions. Individuals are so quick to push the responsibility on others, any one else but themselves. 
And really who is listening to you? When you post your thoughts and opinions?  I could say who is listening to me? but quite frankly i dont care who is reading my opinions, this is my space,  i am trying to work on myself, instead of blaming every other fucker 
They are all essentially saying the same thing, but worded differently.
You may well think, well what can I do? if you are interested in connecting with like minded people you could start with going to the Love Sheffield Facebook Page  this is a new group of individuals who are asking the same thing “what can i do?”
Can you imagine if we, as individuals stopped blaming and started to take some responsability for ourselves instead of expecting someone else to help us or do something for us?
Its not rocket science, if more people started to adopt this attitude, then perhaps others might follow suit too. Even writing this, I honestly think “yes it does sound pie in the sky, airy fairy, because quite simply I really don’t this it is  totally achievable” can we change the whole of society by making changes ourselves? Probably not! But i am certanly up for trying …
But what i am certain of is that t least by taking some responsibly for myself  I will  feel more empowered, more in control, surrounded by a society that seems out of control. We can still maintain some sanity amongst all the insanity around us. We can keep doing good things, keep being compassionate to others, we can start to learn and accept we cannot change others, but we can change ourselves and change starts with us right?
Blame just fuels and breeds Blame, the same can be said for compassion, compassion to others breeds compassion.
Rant over

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