Whats distracting you?

Distractions – I have found myself being distracted of late, and it is soooo easy for me to do. 

Probably, going away and letting lose, and drinking the whole weekend, hasn’t helped, Not that I am complaining mind, “I did have the BEST time” catching up with good friends, unfiltered conversations, loads of laughter, but its now back to reality, So I am asking myself or should I say #havingawordwimesen

So, i ask myself – was it worth it? YES – you can never underestimate the power of friendship 

Do I want to go back to drinking every weekend? NO – because if I did, it would distract me from who I want to be.

Will I drink again? YES – because what I am learning about myself, is about developing balance, 

Its ok to to have a blow out, every now and again and forget about your thoughts! But whats not ok and what not healthy (for me) is to neglect my own thoughts all of the time, because when I do, they are easy distracted and I lose sight of myself.

And I am starting to learn this, it’s not so much about the drinking per say, When I talk about distractions, I am really talking about are “my thoughts”.  I have gone from having a weekend away, not having a care in the world straight back into my reality.

The past few days at work, have been busy, theres no denying that, but it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can still make time to work on yourself, take some time out to, sit back, reflect, take the “shit goggles off” and see things for what they really are and I haven’t been doing that.

I have felt tense of late, whilst I might have been busy creating memes and setting up the instagram page, I haven’t “really been taking and quality time out for me”. 

Let me give you an example – I have found myself going back into the habit of looking at me fucking mobile as soon as I wake up, the alarm, goes of, instead of just turning it off, I have a snoop on social media, “the nosey bastard in me, I cannot help myself”

  • I then find myself seeing a post that triggers a reaction in me
  • My passion is unleashed and I revert into reaction mode
  • I don’t think about my reaction 
  • All I am focused on is trying to change or control what other people are thinking or saying – which is fucking near on impossible, by the way.

And if I take some time out and think about it, the majority of these external situations are the same ones that I have absolutely NO fucking control over.  

I find it is sooo easy to do, to slip back onto that reactive mindset and mentality. 

What I am starting to learn about myself is that when I am in reactive mode, 

  • I become, less focused, “cos I’m fucking distracted 
  • I am less productive, “cos I’m fucking distracted
  • I stop making time for me, “time to reflect or #haveawordwimesen”
  • I lose focus on what “my needs are, what I think” 
  • I lose focus on whats in my control and what isn’t – and that folks is the important key (for me)

So just for today

  • I am giving me sen a break
  • Stepping back to #haveaworddwimesen
  • Re-focusing 
  • Focusing on what I can do, opposed to what my distracted self wants to do

So I have a question for you…“What been distracting you of late?”


Love Fordy x

2 thoughts on “Whats distracting you?

  1. Fear ! And self doubt as always
    Working to rid mi Sen of these negative and destructive thought patterns that have ruled my life to date

    1. try reading the subtle art of not giving a fuck! i have started to read it again, it reminds me to to give fucks about shit i cannot change 🙂

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