Are you appeasing to Please?

Appease to Please

“You don’t know your own mind” you say

Demanding respect, until I forget 


Towing the line

Not making a fuss

“Don’t listen to them”

They don’t know

Its me and you against the world 


Nobody cares, only me 

Do as I say and it will all be ok 

The doubts kick back in

“I’m not doing anything wrong!” You say

Its everyone else 

We will be ok, just do it my way


Pulling on my heart strings 

You know which ones to pull

“You don’t know your own mind” you say

I’m confused 

“I don’t know what to fucking do”


Stay or leave

It doesn’t matter 

You are always going to be there

Pecking at me head

Will you ever be fucking said !


I’m getting tired 

Im going insane 

Trying my best to hide the pain


I’m going out of my mind

But you would never know 

Too engrossed in yourself and your own needs to care

Believing that I will would always be there


Mind games are dangerous 

You were more powerful than you knew

The apologies no longer work

Sick of your lies

I’m going it alone


Breaking free was hard

You didn’t make it easy 

Words pack a punch 

But put me in a ring anyday

Rather than to have to listen to what you have to say


I nearly lost it

I nearly, lost it all 

The ones I really love 

The ones I really cared about

All because of you 


Making me doubt 

Your words are meaningless 

They no longer hurt

The guilt and shame has gone 

Never to return 


Your on your own now mate

I got my own mind

I got my own life

I have a strength I thought never existed 

Until I broke away


I will never be the same

A better version of me 

I feel lucky, I got out

Before you drove me totally fucking insane 



Love Fordy x


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