Whilst others might be to blame you are ultimately responsible for how you feel

Morning, I have been churning these words over in my head for the past few days, so here goes

Life’s not fair

They don’t care 

It’s not my fault 

I didn’t do owt

They are to blame

Bang in a claim 

Feeling shit

“Stop telling me to get over it !”

Waiting for change 

It will come soon

I wish things were different 

I can’t see a way out

You could start by accepting 


Life can be cruel 

But this doesn’t have to rule 

Live by the choices we make 

Learn and move on

The problems will still be there 

But life still goes on

In the blink of an eye 

The years will have passed by

There isn’t a book 

To guide right from wrong

Time is a great healer 

The bad times will pass 

Be a victim or hero?

You do have a choice 

You could stop blaming others

Take back some control 

The worries and fears from everyday

Will eventually pass and fade away 

Take one day at a time

That’s all you have got

Yesterday has gone

Today is here

Be grateful for what you have got 

Stop focusing on the past 

For you have today 

Remember for some it’s their last


Fordy 2018

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