I don’t get it? 


I get it that when I was growing up in the 70’s our environment or society was very different to what it looks like nowadaysHaving to make plans in advance, because there were no mobile phones if you were late, you were late, people left without ya. Having a house phone but that was strictly for emergencies, and calling your friend wasn’t an emergency in our house.

I get that there is so much more choice nowadays than there was back then -One TV in the house and having to compromise or fight over what programs we wanted on. Three TV channels, then there were four, then they were really pushing the boundaries with the introduction of channel 5. Rushing home after school so you didn’t miss neighbours or home and away because if you did you were screwed, cos there were no pause, record or catch up.

If you wanted to fit in, oh the lengths you had to go toResorting to mixing sugar and water to style your hair, because hair products weren’t a necessity and mother couldn’t justify putting it on the strict weekly shopping list. Trying to make the best of the FREE school uniform, attempting to adjust it so it resembled the latest fashion, rolling them fucking knee length socks into ankle socks and failing miserably. Going to school knackered on a Friday morning after the early morning market for shoes, scrambling, fighting for the one Rabina branded shoe in your size then having to fight against a load of other women for the other shoe that matched the one in your hand. 

Nowadays I get it, I get that its normal for every kid to have a mobile phone, I get that they have access to the wider world through the worldwide internet, I get that they can stalk (i mean) follow their friends every move, location via snapchat, I get that there is so much more choice now, fuck me from 5 TV channels to hundreds, being able to pause, record and catch up, Christ  nowadays you don’t miss out on anything – ya lucky fuckers

What I don’t get is, how despite all the external, environmental and social changes that people can use this as an excuse for not thinking for themselves, we haven’t changed as humans, after all we still shit in the same, we still fart the same, even though nowadays you can get a spray to squirt down the bog to disguise the smell from your rancid shit or wear pants that make your farts smell nice and floral? Fuck me whats that all about? 

There was never any magic money tree down the garden like there were back then and there ain’t one now, but yet people seem to think that its normal to spend money you haven’t got, just to appear like they “have something” to have nothing or appear to have nothing nowadays equates to being a social leaper. 

But it only does “if you buy into that illusion” buying into that illusion that by having your lips pumped up to the size of fucking melons “you’ll be happier” or buying into the illusion that if you erase all the signs of aging, by filling in your creases you won’t age “Well Hello! Telegram for Mongo! We all age, we all die at some point” 

I do actually feel sad when I see young girls and young guys, buying into all this social conditioning, the illusion, being brainwashed in thinking that by pursuing the dream to look perfect on the outside you are going to be accepted socially and be happy, but it’s all superficial. 

The pursuit of perfection ain’t going to make you feel better on the inside, well I might temporarily in the longer term all they are doing is avoiding dealing with their emotions. Just like shitting, which is perfectly normal, natural by the way we all have thoughts, feelings, and emotions to manage, that hasn’t changed, we haven’t changed, no product can manage your feelings and emotion, but they can affect your thoughts. 

That’s why I am so passionate about encouraging people to question everything, think for yourself, pursue what YOU want to do oppose to what’s “socially” expected, pursue the stuff that money cannot buy like friendships, friendships that take years of investment and not the monetary kind of investment. Invest in what makes YOU happy. If chasing the next best thing is getting exhausting then fucking STOP doing it, let it go, learn to accept and love yourself, because trust me that’s a lot more attractive to the opposite sex than an inflated fake ass and lips despite what the media says…

Right that’s my morning reflection rant over with

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