Have you done a friendship audit recently?


Writing this for someone who has recently got lost a little “you know who you are”I do this every so often, its a really good gratitude exercise but its also a good measure to ask yourself who you can turn to if you are feeling low. It might seem clinical, but when you are surrounded by many people sometimes knowing who is GOOD for you to be around is important, because we can easily forget. You could call it an exercise on resetting your boundaries? Ask yourself, apart from YOU who are you going to invest, accept around you?

There is the top part, there is only enough room for a select few (at the moment) and that’s ok, less is more, they are there because they Get ‘Me’ I feel the most comfortable around them, I feel I can trust them , I know that if I ever needed them, they would be there 100%. And I would in return, be there too.  The guys at the top are the most congruent who I have let in and allowed to know me better.

The guys at the top of the triangle, don’t actually need a lot of watering, tending too, you can go weeks, months without seeing or talking without anything changing, no effort required.


Then there’s the middle layer – there is more room here, these are the people I see the good in, good hearts, those who are here for a reason, genuine and who, if none of my trusted group above wasn’t around I feel I could reach out to. There is potential for these guys if I spent more time or got to know them better, could move into the soul mate category OR the opposite!


There are what I could describe as associates? Those who may not meet my emotional needs, probably because they cannot meet their own emotional needs, but that’s ok underneath they have a good heart, maybe a confused one. These are the guys who you might look out for but not at the expense of yourself, your self-worth, your self-esteem, harsh but true…

Over the years, my friendship triangle has changed, people have moved from the top, right down to the bottom or even off the fucking scale. We are human and by our nature, we need relationships/friendships in our lives. A lot of the time, but because life can tend to get in the way and we don’t make time to think about our friendships, we can lose sight quite easily of who we ‘Chose’ to give a little of ourselves. 

But ultimately regardless of who you have around you, it doesn’t matter it means diddly squat if you don’t have a relationship with yourself?

#Taketime out #refect #thinkaboutyourneeds

Hope this helps

Love Fordy

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