Life is just a collection of cycles

Just a quick one today, after a few days of juggling meetings, and pulling together an application form that took me back to the dreaded dissertation days. The feeling of submitting it knowing that’s it, it’s out of my hands now and letting go feels bleeding amazing. I have a day of doing nothing, well i say nothing, I will be proudly promoting the helpushelp work at a regional convention that is discussing ways to tackle homelessness.

Life is just a collection of cycles, the seasons come every year, Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, sunsets, sunrises, and if you are unfortunate to be a woman then we are plagued by friggin the menstrual cycle every month!

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions quite often come in cycles too, a sad memory triggers thoughts, some good or maybe sad, which can affect how we act or react and before you know it those feelings pop up every frggin time you see or remember something, you go through the whole fucking cycle of emotions, feelings, and thoughts all over again!! But unlike the seasons or them dam periods, you do have some control over how you think?

“if you repeat your thoughts, they become an action. If you repeat an action, it becomes a habit. A repeated habit creates a fixed persona. A fixed persona becomes your destiny.”

if you keep saying to yourself  “I can’t do it?” before you even try then how the fuck do you think you are going to make any changes?

If you just carry along with the status quo, agreeing with whatever others tell you, or what you hear, or what you read, but never think for yourself then how the fuck do you think you are going to take back any of yourself or get to know you?

The fact is the world carries on regardless of what you do or want it to do, but you can challenge, question yourself, you can take some control back over yourself? OR do you prefer to be an observer

#shithappens #choice #dosomething #besomeone #beyou

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