Don’t be fooled by what you see

Its been a tough week but it’s nearly over, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the following people you helped remind me that even if I am having a bad day, feeling low, uninspired that if I took my head out of my arse and looked around  there is always someone out there inspiring others, the best part is they don’t even realise it

Andy, the Big Issue Seller – Emj Morris, the recovery poet- Hayley, the mother who is overwhelmed – Dorothy, the Domestic Abuse Survivor/worrior

Don’t be fooled by what you see

When your heads up ya arse

And you don’t know why?

When you are feeling low 

Not sure where to go

When your stomach keeps churning 

And you heart is yearning 

Just wanna to hide, from those feelings inside

Hide from memories that haunt me, taunt me, stalk me in my sleep

The same memories that make me feel weak 

No-one can see it, only me 

Its hard to explain

Its like I’m going insane 

All I wanna do is stay indoors and hide

Hide from the feelings that churn my insides 

Its ok, I’m having a bad day

And I reason with myself “thats ok”

Life goes on and I walk through my front door

Head into work, to see what lays store

I take a risk, I go out doors 

I get on with my day 

Hoping the thoughts and feelings will eventually go away

I randomly bump into friends 

Friendly faces from the past

We smile, we chat we got some catching up to do

Little do they know how they helped pull me through

Their energy and spirit 

They have overcome so much

As I walk away I am reassured “I’m ok”

My spirits are lifted 

They will never know

How they helped restore my soul

Thank you 

4 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled by what you see

  1. Great stuff Tracey – hiding away is what we often feel like doing but connecting with other people really does soothe the soul. Love it thank you x

  2. That is so true and thank you, to be heard and understood is something that is greatly underrated, people often say they don’t know how to help. Just listening and believing in us without judgement, is what keeps us sane.

    Once the doubt sets in and we lose the hope that nothing will ever get better, we retreat, we become afraid, we stop fighting to change our situation. We stop fighting to change the situations of others.

    Friends do get us through, new and old, even a friendly chat with a stranger can change the course of our days, of our lives even.

    Hiding away from it all is understandable,I have done my fair share. It is ok to hide in our caves when the world hurts us so much, not for too long though.

    We miss opportunities, we miss the chances to make a difference, our sadness and hopelessness takes over. The b*st*rds have got us down.

    Difficult journeys can help us to cross paths with other people we may never have met, it shows us who is really there for us from our past. Who needs to be there in our futures. Who we need to be there for.

    It will make us stronger and better people, if we can just keep getting up everyday to fight against the hurt, the injustice and still manage to laugh in the face of adversity.

    When we have had shitty lives it is not setting us up for failure, it is preparing us for success, success over our demons and for those demons that others carry with them, that cause us, and them so much pain.

    It is ok to stumble, it is ok to keep stumbling , so long as we keep getting back up. We keep resetting our selves to what we really want and deserve.

    A future better than our past. To be the best we can be.

    Keep your lights bright people, we matter, we are the lighthouses for others too, when their sea gets stormy.

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