You can still plant seeds

Someone shared in a meeting yesterday how when he first started working with people with complex needs and chaotic lifestyles that another worker told him “You will plant many seeds but may never see them sprout or blossom” 

We all aspire to arrive at a destination that elusive place where we feel content in our own skin, content with life, a place where we have been able to leave the past in the past and know that It can no longer haunt us anymore because we have finally arrived, we are content in our own skin. 

We want to help others who we may see struggling on their own journey and want to help, but we have to always remember that everyone’s journey is different.

Many will take some detours along the way and may stay in a particular destination for a while before they decide that they are ready to continue their journey, that journey we call life. 

On our journey we all collect some luggage, mementos, life memories along the way – some are light others are heavy.  

Some baggage is too precious to let go of and they may carry it for their lifetime, whilst in pursuit of their final destination. 

Some baggage contains memories, full of anger and hurt, these are often the heaviest burdens to carry and will carry it around with them for years whilst in pursuit of their destination. 

There are those who’s baggage has become too much to bear, so much so it has stalled them on their journey or lost their way. 

Then there are those who realise that they can let it go off some of their baggage, as it no longer serves or represents them to ease the rest of their journey. 

The key is to remember that everyone’s journey is different and unique to them, the baggage they carry is theirs and only they alone can choose to discard what no longer serves them.

We can help people on their journey, we can help guide people, but we cannot force them in any direction, we can encourage people to discard some of their baggage, but we cannot force them we can offer directions but they decide their route, but we can plant seeds. 

And when you see some of those seeds blossom that’s what’s makes what we do all worthwhile.

So if you are having a bad day and feel like you aren’t making a difference, remember all the seeds you planted and the ones who blossomed

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Love Fordy x


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