What the fuck does normal actually mean?

Normal what the fuck does normal actually mean? I googled it, this is what I got …

Something that is normal is usual and ordinary, and is what people expect. (Collins Dictionary)

Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. (Oxford Dictionary)

So my question is if normal is about, being ordinary and conforming then who sets the standards? If social norms are formed by expectations, who decides what the standards are? Who says what’s normal and what’s not? Who dictates the rules? Who decides what the social norms should be? I mean everyones definition of normal is different, so who gets to decide what normal is right or wrong?

I mean let’s face it there are millions, billions, trillions of different definitions of “normal” that are based on expectations formed by someone in society different cultures, So how the fuck do you decide or work out what’s normal for you? For example 

In some parts of society it is perfectly normal to inject your face with botox (which by the way is a fucking poison, which taken in high doses can be deadly) just to make you look and feel better, but yet it’s not normal to inject yourself with heroin to make you feel better? 

It’s normal to sleep in a tent, if you are on your holidays, but it’s not normal to live on one on the street?

Its normal for people to go out on a weekend, go into a pub purchase a drink, drink allow yourself to be under the influence, but its not normal to be stood on a street corner getting high off what ever you can get your hands on?

It’s normal for you to be dictated to your peers or your elders, but it’s not normal to speak out or against them?

I mean who makes up all the fucking rules? I look back on my life and none of it has been normal, despite trying to be “normal” (whatever that fucking is?) I done the having a go at being a “normal kid” I have had a go at doing a “normal job” I have had a go at being a “Normal partner” and I have come to the conclusion that I am far from normal, I don’t want to be “normal” I much prefer being abnormal and unique any day. 

And that for many is the scary part because there is always the fear that if you break away or resist the social norm will and can put you at risk of being ostracised or being treated differently. 

I want to  and get to decide and chose what my “normal” is nobody else can tell me how to think, feel or behave, because what I have learned from life to date is that when I have listened and gone down the “normal route” it has left me feeling dissatisfied, incomplete, trying to be or do something that I don’t want to be or do. Being someone I am not! 

Society doesn’t get to dictate my normality, I DO! If I chose to conform to a social norm then I will! If I don’t then I won’t? Simple!

All of us are trying to work out what’s our normal, but we cannot decide on what’s normal for us based on someone else’s expectations, the expectations have to come from us! Someone else cannot set our standards, we have to set them ourselves. 

My definition of normal is being happy and content, I accept that I will never be totally normal and I’m ok with that, because no fucker is…

I write for me 
Nobody else
It eases my mind
And my mental health

You might not understand 
And that’s ok 
You can read it 
Or you can walk away 

I write for myself 
Nobody else 
A chance to off load 
So I don’t implode

It may not be perfect
And that’s ok too
It works for me
Its not all about you
I write for myself 
Nobody else 
It calms my mind
Helps me to unwind
It might not make sense 
And that’s ok 
It helps me, come to terms 
And understand the person I am today

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