Still looking for the good in a haze of shit

I cannot watch the news
  The headlines 
 They get me down
 Every where you look
 Every reason to frown

 Who will they choose?
 Johnson or hunt 
 Does it matter?
 They are both **nts

 Begging on the street
 Queuing at food banks to eat
 Blaming each other 
 For our poverty and despair 
 Going around in circles fucking going no where
 Never positive 
 No! That don’t sell news
 Is it any wonder people turn to use
 Reach for the bottle or the syringe 
 To block it all out 
 To take away the cringe
 I’m sick of listening to nobodies 
 Arguing about who’s to blame
 No government in my lifetime 
 Will be able to tame societies shame
 I’m sick of the negative 
 It could get me down
 But I won’t be drawn in
 When there’s so much positive around
 I might not have a say
 But I can make a difference 
 In my own way 
 To the guy on the street
 The ones who got nowt to eat
 We can make a difference 
 We can stop have a word
 We can listen 
 We can let them be heard 

 Change is inevitable
 Just go with the flow
 There’s still much to do
 We can all make a difference 
 But it starts with YOU
 Before you can help others
 You must take care of yourself 
 Look out for the good
 Let go of the bad 
 Trust me, holding onto it will just make you sad
 Be kind
 Don’t be cruel
 Does it matter who rules
 Look after loved ones and those that count 
 Our work is not done yet
 Theres still too much to do
 I can live with myself 
 The question is
 “Can you?”

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