Happy Birthday

50 Today

Where the fuck has the time gone,

Wrinkly old me

I’m still the same bird

Just a better version of the person

 I’ve always wanted to be

Always at the bottom of every class at school

I didn’t follow the rules

Fuck that!

Rules were for fool’s

They said I was a waste of space

Sick of everyone on me case

Trying to work out right from wrong

Making mistakes as I went along

I’ve found myself in many a scrap

I’ve not always won!

God, was my childhood

 “Fucking FUN”

Sweet sixteen

Young mon in her teens

Time to grow up

I can no longer be reckless

But inside I’m still restless

I’ve claimed the dole

But I have never stole

I’ve picked tab ends off the street

 Sold knocked of gear to make ends meet

There were times  it was  bleak

I got hooked on drugs

Always on a high

Needing my drugs just to get by

I lost my mind

Stripped down to the core

Begging on my knees

Like an addict whore

But I was given a chance

Some respite from hell

Spending time alone

Confined in Middlewood cell

But I used my time wisely

Decided to focus on me

I asked myself a question…

“Is this who you really want to be?”

Had a word wi me sen

And found me inner zen

It’s not been easy

There’s been part’s I didn’t like

But I have persevered

The new me started to reappear

I still make mistakes, like everyone else

 I still get it wrong

But I never give up

Thank fuck I’ve stayed strong

I still have my days

When I don’t feel so strong

But I know it will pass

From the lessons learned from my past

My family and friends

Are the ones  hold dear

Who’ve always been there

Even when I fucked up on gear

And despite all the fuckups

It’s not all been so bad

I’ve learned from my mistakes

I’m now living the best life I’ve ever had

And tha knows what?

I wouldn’t change a thing

I’ll always be a scally

A simple bird off the valley

No longer a “wanna be”

So on that note “Happy Fucking 50th Birthday” to me





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Oh God Tracey,this piece of work left me in tears. I had no idea you used to be an addict. How strong and inspirational you are. I knew you were a cannon ball getting work done, and , not giving up but didn’t know how you got to be so awesome. All I can say is WOW.

    1. Hi Linda

      I always think everyone knows, tha know me i’m an open book and all that x Happy Birthday for yesterday xxx

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