A Modern-Day Fairy Tale

A True Story

He called it love

But it didn’t feel like love to her

To the outside world

He was the perfect guy

It was like he could walk on water

But unbeknown to her

She was just another lamb to the slaughter

Like butter wouldn’t melt

She had to disguise how she really felt

He would sweep all the guilt into her direction

Sometimes she questioned if this was his way of deflection

She would try to fight back

But her words were used against her

Twisted and stretched, beyond recognition

She would take her words back

Feeling forced into submission

His words could be viscous

And his action malicious

His thirst for control was insatiable

At times it felt like he was unbreakable

She prayed that he might lash out

Any excuse to get out

But he was cunning

And the violence she prayed for

Was never forthcoming

There were days when her head seemed clearer

And she tried to stand her ground

But her resolve never lasted long

She was still weak and wasn’t that strong

Then one day she snapped

She realised that her Knight in Shining Armour

Was in fact a Snake Charmer

That this wasn’t a life

How he treated her it wasn’t ok

So she took the brave decision

To go her own way

At first, he didn’t take it well

But she’d broken free from his spell

No longer under his control

It was time to recharge her soul

She started putting her needs first

And slowly chipped away from his curse

As the hours and days passed

She finally felt free at last

It was a slow transformation

Making time for self-preservation

And whilst the earth kept revolving

She continued evolving

Her thirst for self-knowledge

Helped her to acknowledge

She was worthy of more

Than the woman she’d been before

Life hasn’t always been easy

But she’s managed to overcome

And despite some regrets

She’s proud of the person she has become

And she lived happily ever after


Thank you for taking the time to read.

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