I answer to myself and nobody else



I don’t follow a god

For me it just feels odd


I believe there is a higher power

But I’m not sure what it is?

All I know is that I exist


I’ve learned over the years to trust my own intuition

Instead of following a religious mission


I don’t understand faiths that have closed its doors on people with perceived flaws.


Or who twist words beyond recognition to endorse their religious mission


I prefer self-preservation

Free from obligation


I do my bidding in my own name

Owning my own guilt and shame


I seek redemption by paying attention

And practicing LOTS of self-reflection


My prayer time, is ME time


A place to embrace solitude and cultivate some gratitude


My scriptures are books, based on real life stories, not made-up fables amassed from the past


I seek out life teachers

Careful to avoid the preachers


My tithing is set aside for good causes

Without conditions or clauses


I have my own commandments but there’s more than Ten and they aren’t carved out in stone, instead they are written in pen.


  1. Don’t wait to walk in someone’s shoes, before passing judgment
  2. Always be prepared to listen, observe, and learn and accept that sometimes you will get stuff wrong
  3. Don’t be afraid to own your authentic voice, there is literally no one like you
  4. Establish your own emotional and physical boundaries AND stick to them
  5. Do something you love every day (even if it’s 5mins)
  6. Don’t settle for second best, you are worthy of so much more
  7. Let go of the past, but hold onto the lessons you learned from it
  8. Remember that the only time you fail is when you fall and stay down
  9. Keep planting seeds, but remember minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right
  10. Don’t blow out someone else’s candle because it won’t make yours shine brighter
  11. Don’t be a TWAT


I walk side by side people who do have faith, but it’s something I cannot embrace.

Despite that I have the utmost respect for their religion. In the hope that in return they respect my decision, not to follow their religion

Tracey Ford 2021


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