Gratitude after Addiction


I give up you won

Playing with you stopped bring fun


At first you played nice

But you never named your price


I couldn’t see it then

But you were always one step ahead

Always messing with my head


Thought I was strong

But boy was I wrong




Underneath your spell

But soon I became unwell


Amphetamine, ketamine the occasional trip

Swallowing it whole


Even though it made me gip


I played your game

I rolled your dices

Oblivious of the sacrifices


I lashed out at loved ones

Convinced that nobody cared


Too afraid to admit that deep down I was really scared


I’d lost sight of me

The person I was meant to be


When I hit my rock bottom

I was defeated and lost


I was shattered beyond recognition

Turns out it was to be the start of my very own mission


It was in my darkest hours

I salvaged some inner power


And I started to flower

And nuggets of gold started to unfold


I slowly worked through the pain that you inflicted

And came to understand how I became addicted


I played your game once

But I’ll never play it twice


I learned the hard way

That you don’t play nice


I am no longer ashamed of the games we played

There are no regrets of our adventures to hell


Because after all – had you not taken me there

I would never have broken your spell


So don’t you worry about me

You did me a favour

Don’t you see?


I now realise you were always wrong

And in fact, the games that we played

Played a role in making me strong


I sometimes look back at the games we used to play

And thank my lucky stars I chose a different way


I play my own game now

Where I make the rules


I’m no longer confused


Our games helped me find a part of me


The person I was always meant to be


Thank you for taking the time to read.

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