Rock bottom

A place for the forgotten


It’s renown for being bleak

Reserved for the lost and weak


But I would disagree

Rock bottom

Isn’t for the forgotten


It’s where people have drawn lines in the sand

And decide to take a stand


It’s a place to recharge the soul

To reassess life goals


To decide which battles need to be won

And consider hurdles still to be overcome


We cross paths with strangers in this place called rock bottom


Strangers who’ve made peace with their past

And teach each other’s that the bad days soon pass


They remind you that getting lost is ok

Whilst you find your own way


It’s a place filled with hope

A place to learn new ways to cope


Burned bridges can be rebuilt

As you work through your guilt


Closed doors will reopen

By your actions and words unspoken


You can find hope and faith

Which can shape that negative attitude into warm feeling if gratitude


You learn to stop being a slave to the past

And as you lay your past mistakes to rest


And start to feel less stressed

Aspirations for change come into fruition as you make your transition


Some people stay longer until they feel stronger

Either way

It doesn’t matter how long they stay


This place people call rock bottom


Isn’t for the forgotten


It’s a place for fresh starts


Thank you for taking the time to read.

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