She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders
But you would never know it

She has no time for self-pity
She has still so much to do

She is more than the label
Gifted by society

She is more than just a mum
Or a shoulder to cry on

She is more than a co worker
There is more to her than her job

She’s more than the cook
Sometimes she finds it hard to feed herself

She’s more than a clean house
And fresh, pressed clothes to wear

She is more than her weight or appearance
Inside she has a heart of gold

She is more than a taxi
Sometimes she’d prefer you to walk

She’s more than a friend
Always at the end of the phone

She’s more than your sounding board
She is searching for her own

She is more than a lover
She has desires of her own

She’s more than the life and soul of the party
She craves peace and quiet

Next time you see her
Take a closer look

There is more to her than you think


Thank you for taking the time to read.

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