The Time I Hit Rock Bottom

At the time I was seeking self-absolution
The drugs were a perfect solution
I was wrapped up in my own mind
The drugs helped me to unwind

At the time I really didn’t like myself
I felt persecuted by everyone else
Deep down I was desperate to feel loved
And craved a loving hug

I found it hard to explain
And when I did share my pain
I felt misunderstood
Which just reinforced I was no good

My words fell on deaf ears
Or they were edited and discredited
I was mocked and casted aside
There was nowhere for me to hide

All I had was the drugs
But soon they started to let me down too
All too soon the highs disappeared
And my anxiety reappeared

I was slowly losing control
I was heading into a black hole
But there was nowhere to hide
I was falling apart from the inside

I was physical and mentally weak
Turns out my psychosis was at its peek
I felt totally trapped
But then something SNAPPED

I found myself in a strange hospital ward
It all felt very untoward
Abandoned and alone
I just wanted to go home

I was still confused and scared
Convinced nobody cared
The staff reassured me that I was in the right place
That my recovery would take time and that it wasn’t a race
I felt completely defeated
My mind and body were depleted
I felt hollow inside
But then from the pit of my stomach a whisper cried

“The old Tracey has gone It’s time to move on”

I realised that this was my chance to start fresh
Time to finally sort out my mess
I came out of that mental institution
Realising that the drugs were a poor solution

For my own sanities sake
I had some tough decisions to make
I needed to start from fresh and go it alone
And take some chances in the unknown

Day by day I learned how to keep my cravings at bay
I took strangers advice on ways to avoid my old vice
The new paths that I ventured
Became exciting new adventures

Old friends became strangers
As I dodged past dangers
New strangers became friends
As I started to make amends

Peeling back the layers of built-up shame
Has helped me to start all over again
I look back now, and I find it hard to relate to the woman I became
That woman shrouded in shame

I’m glad I grabbed the chance of a fresh start
Because I have finally made peace with my heart
I know I will never be the same person
But she will never be forgotten

Because I will never forget the time
That I hit my rock bottom

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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