What’s in your cup



My cup was always half empty

In fact, it was bone dry

I would carry the weight of the world on my shoulders

And held onto resentments the size of boulders

I turned to drugs seeking absolution

That was until I started searching for different solutions

Instead of blaming everyone else and started taking responsibility for myself

I started practising more gratitude

Which helped shape my attitude

I’ve learned that I was my own worst critic

And that nobody cared more than me

I stopped listening to everyone else

And instead, I started to listen to myself

I cried oceans of tears

Before I started addressing my own fears

I learned to sit with uncomfortable feelings

Until I worked out their meanings

I learned how to connect all the dots

After untangling my thoughts

I’ve learned from my past mistakes

And figured out how to bounce instead of break

After years of thinking I was mad and eccentric

I now realise that I was just being authentic

Nowadays I go through life at my own pace

Instead of treating it like a race

I no longer see my past as being depressing

And take each lesson learned as a blessing

I’ve learned there are no guarantees in life

And none of us is immune from stress or strive

If I start feeling depressed

I remind myself how much I have progressed

I now no longer fear the unknown

Because I have emotionally grown

And after years of self-doubt

I no longer feel like the odd one out



It’s how you deal with or respond to it that counts



6 thoughts on “What’s in your cup

  1. I absolutely love this poem, and can really relate to it. It made me think and smile! And feel hopeful…..thank you xxx PS you don’t know me, but we met briefly at the Hygge cafe last summer when I was with Louise Po9tter 🙂

  2. Tracey! I bloody love it. I resonate with it all, I think I’m just at the hump bit now, of accepting the past and myself for who I am. Hopefully I’ll get to the being totally authentic stage soon! Lots of love.

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