Woman – There is more to you than you think


Woman – There is more to you than you think


The Bedtime fairy tales were engraved into her younger self’s head

Just the thought of being alone filled her with dread

Afraid of being left on the shelf she always put other’s needs before herself

She craved other people’s acceptance to help her feel whole

Addicted to their words, they helped feed her soul

She went into relationships with an open heart, only for others to tear it apart

Sometimes when she was alone, she would hear whispers from deep inside which cried

‘You are worth more than this’

But she ignored them because she feared she never survive without a partner by her side

That was until she found herself on her own

She went into a dark place

But this gave her space

Time to reflect and reconnect

As she delved deep into her soul, she realised she didn’t need a man to make her whole

And after a lifetime of lip service, she realised she’d been doing herself a disservice

She realised the acceptance that she’d been seeking had been there all along

It was during this time, she gave birth to her new self-worth

And as she flowered, the more she became empowered

Now instead of seeking validity, she practices humility

She will always make time for others

But not at the expense of herself, because she now values her own mental health

She no longer feels the need to compete because she now feels complete

She now lives with the knowledge that she’ll never be alone

Which is a testament to how much she has grown


T Ford 2023


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