Don’t play me

I ain’t nobody’s fool.

And I have got a heart of gold, but lo and behold, if you try taking the piss.

What you see is what you get.

You see, over the years, I have had to my bed and have learned how to lay in it.

Some say I’m passionate and outspoken.

But the fact is.

I’m still being a little fragile and broken.

Sometimes, my words get twisted and feel misunderstood, but trust me.

I ain’t nobody’s mug.

If there is an elephant in the room, you won’t see me trying to hide it

Instead, you will find me riding it.

I ain’t got no time for games.

I always try my best to be kind, keep an open mind, and endeavour to see other people’s points of view, because I know what it feels like not to be heard by people who haven’t got a clue.

I don’t like to make promises on something I can’t keep because I’ve learned from past experience that broken promises are cheap

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up if I have made a mistake, and I will never try blaming someone else.

Cos I ain’t no snake

I don’t always agree with some of the rules, especially those created by out-of-touch fools.

But I do believe in justice.

I am drawn to society’s unsung heroes and have no time for people with inflated egos.

I would never throw someone under the bus to save my own ass.

Because I own my own shit

Plus I ain’t no grass.

I will always have people’s backs, and if times get rough, I will cut them slack.

But I won’t let them take the piss.

So, if you ever think about being underhanded or taking me for granted.

Think again.

Because I’m nobody’s a fool.

Love Fordy x


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