Post Traumatic Growth

You’ve been through a lot; most wouldn’t understand. You’ve experienced the pain and endured shame.

You’ve had to learn to wipe away your own tears and work hard to overcome your fears

Most of it alone….

Some days have been tough and yet you refused to submit and didn’t quit.

Instead you’ve continued to learn from your struggles and have grown from your scars. Finding an inner strength whilst reaching for the stars.

You turned your wounds into wisdom and your fears into faith and flipped your sorrow into grace.

And now finally

You no longer see yourself as a victim of your past, because you now realise those dark days have passed

And as a result, you no longer take life for granted

But you do know

That should the dark days ever darken your door once more. You are no longer afraid because you now have the resilience to fight once more

You no longer take gambles and lead by example. You are the leader of your own life

You are a warrior

You now realise that all your pains and struggles haven’t been for nothing, because if anything it’s been your becoming

You might not realise it yet, but your growth has been breathtaking, you are truly a legend in the making

You’ve stuck to your oath, to invest in your personal growth. You are the captain of your own ship the author of your own script

No longer a prisoner nor a victim of your past because you’ve made your peace and realise that the torment has passed

That my friend is what’s called in the trade as Post Traumatic Growth

Well, fucking done


Much Love


AKA #Unapologeticwriter

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