Unanswered Questions

A poem I composed written following a conversation with a woman who recently lost her sister to alcoholism. Another taken far too soon. It’s called “Unanswered Questions”


I’m still unsure when it all began or where things went wrong.

But I do know I feel bereft and that my heart aches from actions undone.

I keep retracing the path where our bonds once thronged and I wonder who or what did you wrong.

Bound by blood, yet addiction pulled us astray,

Leaving me feeling helpless as I watched you lose your way.

All I have left is questions.

Could I have done more?

So many questions haunt my thoughts.

Adding weight to the pile of unanswered knots.

You refused any help, insisting I needn’t carry your strife, claiming that I had my own family and life.

My memories are tainted by my failed attempts to help and every silent adieu.

And my face is wet from the tears which were hidden from your view.

Could I have done more?

The question persists and still tears me apart, chipping away at my broken heart.

I feel exposed, in retrospect’s unforgiving glare, questioning if I did my share,

And now, as I prepare to lay you to rest

I still can’t help but wonder if my efforts fell short or if I did my best.

Was there something I missed?

I guess I’ll just have to add it to the list.

Besides all the unanswered questions.

Fordy 2024


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