Are you a pragmatist or a dreamer?

Is what you want in life really achievable

When you get what you want, will you be happier?
How will you know you will be happier?

Can you compromise? could you be happy with something less, more realistic? or more attainable

Take weight loss for example, if you have said one or more of the statements below, it might be time to have a re-think? You don’t have to but, it wont hurt neither will it?

I want to be slim
I want to lose my excess weight by xxxxx –
I want to get rid of my cellulite –
I want to be more toned
I want to get rid of my kangaroo pouch
I want to get rid of my stretch marks
I want a smaller ass
I want a bigger ass
I want bigger tits
I want smaller tits

Now ask yourself….

‘How much time is wasted, daydreaming, aspiring to attain one or more of the above?’
‘How many hours of negative thoughts and feelings have you given to one or more of the above?’
‘How much have you spent financially to try and attain one or more of the above ?’

Now ask yourself….

How much time have you spent accepting you as YOU?

Let me guess, I bet not much, and do you know why? because it’s painful, it doesn’t feel nice.

and its not easy when society  is always selling us ‘ if you buy xxxx then in two months you’ll be xxxxx;. You buy into the idea, the dream, not just to lose weight, but more than anything, what you really really want is to stop feeling fucking SHIT about yourself.

As individuals we have learned, if we can help it, we try to avoid painful situations at all cost ! Even at the cost of our own self esteem, heres a fact for ya…..

You cannot

Buy self esteem on the internet or in shops
rely on others to support or maintain your own self esteem!

You can though

Start learning to accept who you are, you are more than your looks, that loved ones love you regardless of how you look
Start to see all them marketing messages and see then for what they are

Stop seeking approval from society to determine what’s socially perfect and what’s not !

#haveawordwitheesen AND ITS FREE – well you can pay me if you like, cheques and transfers accepted

Start listening to yourself!
Nurture yourself
Pick up a book, start to learn how to look after yourself
Do things you enjoy
Make time for you
Be selfish, it’s ok to be selfish


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