How are your “what if’s” or “yes but’s”

Morning guys

Not had the best of sleep’s, worrying about a couple of meetings I have today where i am worried that what I have to say might not be popular or welcomed by a couple of people in particular. – I have even missed my morning run, because I feel shattered. 

No one likes confrontation, but confrontation is a part of life whether we like it or not. The confrontation might be about addressing something you have done OR something someone else might have done. Either way if it is bothering you, it needs addressing, but it never feels good does it?

So because it doesn’t feel good the first and ‘easy’ option is to leave it, let it drop – I have to say, I have done this many a time, I have even let the same situation happen again and again, before I realise  and accept that its time to ‘Confront the issue‘ – But it still doesn’t feel good does it?  Or you leave it, walk away, but your still left feeling shit, either way it doesn’t feel nice, you cannot win either way.

But can you think of a time, where you had made the decision to confront an issue, after hours and hours of internal turmoil and after you felt much, much better? empowered, in control.

Feelings play a major role in our every waking day, but we often, suppress them, particularly the uncomfortable ones, because the feeling doesn’t feel nice.

Did you know that its our own feelings that dictates most of all our decision making?

The decisions, based on how we feel, can and does determine how, how long it can take a person to get from A to B, some people never get to B all because of their feelings.

There is a GREAT book I read many years ago, its called “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers, it helped me understand about my fears, rational and irrational and better still how to help manage my own fears.

This is a short one today, but wanted to share some advice I took on board myself many years ago.

WARNING I still struggle with my feelings, you cannot buy a monitor off the shelf that deals with your feelings for YOU, theres only YOU that can do it!  Sorry its not the easy option, but its the only option YOU have.

Well I am going to those fucking meetings today, I am going to say what I want to say and not suppress it, ALL because I’m WORRIED about the outcome and how it will leave me FEELING.

#Feelingssuck #Fuckfeelings

Love Fordy x



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