Bring Back Communism

Ok, Ok, ok, ok, OK. I know that we ever had it in here, but I kinda wish they would, well some of the principles of of it, not all of it, of course, like society today there are good and bad parts. 

The Cambridge dictionaries definition of Commusism  is “the belief in a society without different social classes in which the methods of production are owned and controlled by all its members and everyone works as much as they can and receives what they need”. 

A society where everyone was equal and there was none of “them and us”  Where everyone had the same, resources, essentials that they needed to survive. Thus removing this sense of entitlement that ‘I” (and I can only speak for myself here) see so much of in society now a days. Materialism has taken over on a mass scale, the Cambridge definition of materialism is “the belief that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life“. 

But, there IS MORE TO LIFE THAN WHAT YOU POSSESS. In the pursuit of “keeping up with the Joneses”. There is this misconception that ‘money can buy you happiness?’ “what the fuck is that all about? (thats what society lends us to believe) OR “If I had this, or had that life would be so much easier?”

Now you can even pay someone to fix you emotionally,  “I know, I’ll go pay someone to fix me”, we see more and more people going to rehab, but its not just for addictions anymore.

Rehab is now seen as a place where you can go for a break! People actually pay fucking thousands for this, when reality is that all you are paying for is a space to hide yourself from reality for a bit, but YOU still gotta do the work, go and #haveawordwitheesen then ya get ya sorry ass back out into society and try again. 

Despite what social media says, “life doesn’t have to be that hard” and there are a lot of people who”get this” but they are normally the ones who have been through some personal life trauma, those whose lives have taken them to “hell and back”. The loss of a loved one, the loss of themselves, relationship breakdown, domestic abuse, addiction, mental health.

The guys who “get this” are the ones who have had to face their ‘EMOTIONS’ not hide behind them because they don’t like the feel of them, or they are scared of hurting someone else emotions.

The people you see around you who appear happy, content with themselves are those who are least likely to measure their  life’s happiness by what they have got, but on how they feel about themselves. Don’t be deceived, money or success DOES NOT BUY YOU HAPPINESS, FACT! 

You only have to look round you to see this. Does it really matter what you have got or achieved in life? Everyone has the ability to be happy and content, regardless of wealth or status. The bottom line is if you strip away all the materialism bullshit, all anyone has is themselves and their loved ones. There is only YOU who can attain happiness.

I have been there, trust me, in my book ‘Blood is thicker than alcohol’ the majority of me feeling lost and isolated in my younger years came from societies expectations of who I thought I should be.

  • I tried wearing makeup, because ‘cos thats what girls do’ and looked a reet TWAT.
  • I dressed like a boy, because I related more to lads and didn’t like skirts, then got accused of ‘being a lesbian’
  • if I questioned anything at school I was labeled ‘a trouble maker’ to be fair I was ‘a little fucker’
  • I would never tell anyone how I really felt, because I would be labeled as ‘being weak’

Whilst I have some amazing memories from my youth, I also have a lot of sad memories, I didn’t know who I was? I didn’t like how I felt about myself? I didn’t have a fucking clue.  I had to work it out for me sen by #havingawordwimesen, I love that quote, cant you tell….. because quite simply “its fucking true….” There is no rule book growing up, we work wi what we got!

Getting to ‘know me’ at 21 years of age wasn’t out of choice neither, and it wasn’t nice, it was the external factors and environment at the time that forced me to reflect on all the above.

And its not hard to start searching for happiness, all you have to do is ask yourself?

How do you measure your happiness? 

  • Would you be happier with more money
  • Would you be happier if you had more friends?
  • Would you be happier if you had a car, house, or well paid job?
  • Would you be happier if you were in an intimate relationship?

If your happiness relies or is based on any or all of the above, you are potentially screwed, because quite frankly my friends, any of these can be taken away from anyone of us in a nano second. And there is potentially NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT

Many people hold onto the limiting beliefs that if they ‘Only I just had any or all of the above’ they will be happy, but its crap.

Take toddlers or young kids they are more than happy with a few toys, ‘or the box they came in’. As long as they feel loved, warm, fed and basically, have ALL their basic needs met, they are happy Arn’t they?

They have very little limiting beliefs, or fears because they don’t know any different, its all learned behaviour. Then they grow up and are exposed to temptation and the misconception that if they have the latest gadget ‘they will be accepted’ by society, because lets face it, if a kids ain’t wearing the latest trainers, they are fucking social lepers!.  Them emotions hurt, them feelings hurt, but rather than deal with those feelings, people are more inclined to pursue all those material items, change themselves, try to change how they think the worlds views them, just to fit in. And some people  will do anything if it makes them’Feel’ better about themselves.

Society is FUCKED up, BUT only if you buy into the BULLSHIT everyone is fed.

BUT and heres the BUT…

If you could start to measure your happiness focusing on what you already have, starting with YOU, your health, your mental health, your physical health, doing things for YOU, that make YOU happy.

Start listen to YOUR own feelings, YOUR own emotions, learning to understand YOUR emotions, because even though them emotions can be a biatch and they can physically hurt, They don’t ever go away…

You can try suppressing them all you fucking want, but I can guarantee they are there, lurking ready to raise their ugly head again, when you are least expecting it. People really do underestimate how much emotions and feelings drive us, if you understood this, trusted this, then you would be more likely to feel alot better about you and who you are.

There really is no need to ‘Bring back Communism’ but there is a need to get people to start questioning their values, questioning and learning to understand what limiting beliefs they carry around with them.

Start to understand that underneath all the materialistic bullshit, we are ALL fundamentally the same.

Start  by having relationship with ourselves.  Because if more people understood this, then I would be happy to bet, that they/ YOU would be a lot happier – AND GUESS WHAT, Its FREE

Right RANT over with, but I’ll tell ya now! don’t expect me or anyone else to do it for ya, COS I CAN’T and WON’T.  But I can and will offer some guidance, its your choice, you can take it or leave it, some might be utter bullshit, (I don’t care) you just take what YOU need from it.


Although these are not free, there are a couple of books that I would highly recommend you read, that could help you on your journey to start learning and listening to yourself.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – By Susan Jeffers, I read this many years ago and will often go back and re-read again.

I love love love The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – Mark Manson, its is currently only available on Kindle, the book isn’t out until 2019



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