Being a parent is tough


No morning run today, straight into writing about ‘Blood is Thicker than Alcohol’ and to be honest, its easier to rant on here than it is to reflect back and write a story.

Seriously this writing malarky is FUCKING hard work. But wanted to share my thoughts on parenthood. Because, quite frankly we all as parents do our very best, theres no handbook, sometimes we will never know how our actions at the time, might have a profound effect on our kids at a later date in life.

After all I  know some of Dads actions did, but at the time he wouldn’t have had a ‘Scooby doo’ (clue). The same goes for mom, but hey as parents none of us do… And thats totally unavoidable, folks, believe it or not ‘none of us are perfect’. all we can do, is do our best ‘at that time’

Its not nice to hear from my own kids, when they tell me about a time growing up where I might have said or done something, that made them feel, not nice about themselves, insecure or not loved.

But I try not to lose any sleep over it, ‘it hurts’ don’t get me wrong, and I don’t like to hear it and it wasn’t done intentionally. In fact  I don’t believe ANY parent sets out to intentionally hurt their kids.

Well, there are some that would, those who don’t fucking deserve to have kids! There are some (a minority) who will put their own emotional and material needs before ANYONE, including their own kids, Now that my friends I have zero sympathy for those fuckers. – I digress

Being an adult and dealing with life, is hard most of the time, we all have responsibilities that we ‘have’ to deal with, whether we like or not! we all struggle to like ourselves at times, and thats just us! Now throw one or a couple of kids into the mix, fuck me your not just responsible for your own feelings, you a duty and responsibly to ensure your kids are ok and will do anything to make sure they turn out to be less emotionally fucked up than you are….AND before you start, we ALL have our flaws, if you think your perfect, then you are deluded – in my humble opinion anyway 

Well thats it, I have finished chapter 1 of the book (for now), ive offloaded me thoughts on here, now I need to get me sorry ass off to work and earn some dough

Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below

Love Fordy x

4 thoughts on “Being a parent is tough

  1. Nothing like the summer holidays to remind you how hard parenting is. Day 3 with 3 at home and I’m clinging on to my sanity by a thread!

  2. I often used to wish I could go back and change the things I got wrong with my kids ,but now I know that life does go wrong and the only way forward is to make sure you focus on the here and now,leave the past behind ,the future is not written so make most of each day as it comes and be grateful

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