#Shithappens – its how you label it that matters

Thought for today

I was thinking earlier about how as a society we label/categorise everything, people, objects, actions, feelings, behaviours, emotions, our thoughts, opinions, believes, values, views, looks, size, weight, height, gender, ability the list goes on and on and on… It really pisses me off.

We all label & categorise  everything around us, I know i do sometimes, we are ALL guilty of it, i’m not claiming to be perfect, sometimes this can be misconstrued as being ‘judgemental’ AGAIN another fucking label.

Everyone views the world around them based on their own experiences of life. So when i had a problem the drugs. At the time, I felt and thought  I was a failure, weak, a sad pathetic person, that’s probably because I was. To be fair I wasfucked up at the time’, and would have labelled myself all of the above.

Now though… I don’t have a problem with drugs, I learned my lesson, I could  label myself as a ‘success’ or ‘role model’  or someone who has overcome some pretty tough shit. Now whilst these self professed accolades/labels are nice, I have a confession to make ‘I am still fucked up inside’ and I am far from perfect.

The only one thing I know for sure at this tender age of 48 is that for most of those years all I have ever done is try and fit in. sometimes it’s worked other time’s it hasn’t.  Be  honest, we all like to fit in! we all like to feel accepted, we all like to feel wanted.

No fucker wants to be billy no mates in the corner – ‘Then again I wouldn’t mind a bit of that – some quiet time would be quite nice’

Yes I have a great job, have money in the bank, have some great friendship’s, have a great family, but does that mean i am happy ? ‘Does it FUCK’. I still have days were I doubt myself, hate how I look , hate how I feel, because if we all admit it, we ALL feel like this at times.

Some days are good ones, others not so good, but all I can do is go with the flow and  work ‘my’ shit out for me sen, day by day.

There are so many external pressures/expectations  that we are exposed to in society, particularly via all social media, its no wonder people are confused. Then there is work pressures/expectations, family pressures/expectations. They are ‘fucking everywhere’ BUT GUESS what you don’t have to take them all on board.

We have only got our own personal experiences, we have all  experienced something in our lives, that  we are able to learn from, whether that is a good or bad thing. We can always reflect and learn from it OR we can chose to make the same mistakes, again and again, that’s up to YOU.


You can use societies expectations or social norms as a guide, but don’t measure your happiness and sense of self worth against them, because you are more than just a label.

#Shithappens – its how you label it that matters



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