Being the unfiltered version of you

Unfiltered conversations, being you

For Imran ❤️

I was talking about being able to have unfiltered conversations yesterday and how after weekend away with great company a weekend away full of unflitered conversations, i’m like back into reality, back in the rat race we call life

I sometimes feel that i find myself filtering the real me, but sometimes by trying hard to filter myself, my filter gets blocked, with worrying about, not offending someone, or not saying the right thing.

Also when my filter gets blocked the people around me don’t really get the real me! See its there  again, that feeling of being misunderstood! My off the wall, over excited, passionate, my inappropriate use of language, but thats the  real me. 

Or not being able to write in the, right language … “Ah ya grammar still needs some work!” 

How’s about FUCK OFF

I do get frustrated a-lot of the time, because I feel like I am in certain situations having to mind my filter. Making sure I don’t say something that will offend someone, (because it isn’t socially acceptable)

Or be careful, that person that you are speaking to requires a little more respect because they are on a higher wage than you – BULLSHIT

Your representing the council, that does my head in too, because when your working for a society who blames the fucking council for everything that goes wrong, it can some times feel like, no matter what you do, it will never be fucking right! 

I don’t like labels, in fact I fucking hate them! but i do know that i use them, even though i try my best not too. I know the times when I know I need to shut up and listen, and I also know that I need to learn to listen more and I am working on that. 

But how cool would it be, if we all could feel safe enough to drop our filters and started and to express how and what we think, at least that way, every fucker would know where every fucker stood.

In the mean time, i will surround myself with people who i feel safe being around, being the “unfiltered version of me” as much as i can.

There is my unflitered rant over for this morning, have a great day


Love Fordy x

One thought on “Being the unfiltered version of you

  1. I always appreciate honesty and that is what you are. I don’t think enough people practice being honest. I spend half my life feeling guilty because i question whether I’ve been too open and honest with people. If someone asks my opinion I tell them! Be true to yourself Tracey I admire that in you

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