Isn’t praying simply #Havingawordwitheesen? 

After sharing about this blog and my writing and the reasons behind it, some one suggested to me “you have found god, you just don’t know it?”  Now don’t get me wrong, faith is brilliant, if it brings people comfort, hope, love, compassion, I aint got no problem with that. I work along side some amazing christian’s and muslim’s who who do some incredible, amazing selfless work, giving back into their communities, and they do this voluntarily and in the name of their god. And thats brilliant, who could argue with that!

But I have also experianced and come across “people of faith” who are the bentist bastards I have ever met, and they got away with their bentness by hiding behind their faith or justifying their actions based on their faith.

Yes there have been times in my life, when i have wondered if there was a god, but I always come back to the same answer! Yeh Me sen

For me personally and based on my own  personal experience, I kinda like to think and believe that I am where I am at now and who I am now has more to do with how i have adapted or reacted to circumstances in my life.

Like a small kid trying to touch fire without getting burned, being told “your gonna hurt yourself” Ignoring the advice, doing it, realising it fucking hurts, but then goes back for another go, hoping it wont hurt again.

Been there and done that a few times trust me.

One of the main lessons I have learned about myself and life in general is that learning to trust myself, learning to like me sen, learning to love me sen, sitting back and realising that if I want my life to change then there is only me that can do that, no fucker else can!

So the idea of handing over all the credit of where and who i am in myself, right now, today over to a guy who I have never met before, is defiantly not appealing. 

Life can be shit, is shit, #shithappens all the fucking time – and I have remind myself to be brave enough on a daily basis to deal with any shit that comes my way “whether i like it or not” 

I have worked hard to be who I am today and I have to work hard every day, to be me, to be a nice person, be compassionate towards others, speak up for those unheard voices, speak up for the underdogs, fight the corner of those who at that time in their lives, have nothing let to fight with, I’m not doing this in the name of any god, I do it because it is the right thing to do! I haven’t got a problem with people having faith, who would? If its helping people navigate this thing we call life, then you do what you gotta do! crack on 

But for me any faith that I have, quite frankly is in me sen and no fucker else and defiantly no fucking bloke I aint ever met before – And I am no feminist, before you start, I aint got time for that shit neither, but that’s for another blog. 

Happy Monday

Be Brave

Love yourself

Like yourself

I’m off to exeter today, sitting on the National BBN review board, cos some one thinks i have got something to offer! get me eh! looking forward to a four hour train journey, plently of time to have some peace and quiet time, to catch up on shit that needs dealing with AKA work.





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